Karen Joy Fritz

 Wonda brought the perfect rhythm of letting me move from my inner promptings and encouraging me with new ways to shine.


From help selecting among outfits to taking me to a magical mystery location, Wonda was ready, willing, and able to "go there" with me.


I felt so tenderly seen - treasured and celebrated! THEN I got to see some of the images and utterly melted at the "me" she had captured on our journey together!


Do not miss your opportunity to be deeply seen - and to see yourself in a whole new Light!

Sarah Barnum

  My Girlfriends and I recently had our Spiritual Journey shots done with Wonda.

It was supposed to just be a fun and easy picture day. Honestly, and I'm meaning bare bones honesty here people, it was So Much More!


It was a spiritual and healing adventure.

One where we laughed, we danced, we played, and we faced our own personal self image demons and then slayed them.


I watched some of my best friends, who are notorious for dodging cameras, come alive with Wonda's encouragement.


She's not just a talented photographer, she's a mentor and leader who helps you overcome your self confidence issues to find your own unique beauty.

I guess that was one of the most magical parts. I felt beautiful. I didn't worry about being 10 lbs. overweight, or if my nose looked big, or even if my brown hair brown eyes are boring.


I felt beautiful, exotic even!

I laughed and played all day with women I love and adore.

And Wonda caught those Feelings with the images on her camera.

So my honest and heartfelt opinion ladies is DO THIS!

Grab your besties, a smoking hot dress, and give yourself permission to live a fantasy!


I promise you will walk away with more than just a pretty picture!