Epic Experience

Are you ready to get in touch with your inner goddess and allow her to show up in the world?

 Then I am ready to go there with you.

* We will go through 2 planning sessions and I will give you simple things to do to prepare for your session. We will be going deep to find what lights you up.

Everyone's inner goddess shows up in very different ways.

* Choosing wardrobe is a big part of you and your style. Its important to know what you feel good in and I know what photographs well.


* You will be changing

 several times during your session so its important to have options.


* I like to have lots of props that are personal to you so bring them on.

* We will discover the perfect locations that lights you up. 

I know a lot of places in the Fresno/Clovis/YLP areas.

(anything outside of that may have minimal travel fees)

* I also know lots of places outside the area and welcome new ideas and places.

* Up to 5 hours of shooting time.

* You will be sent a link to view your images online to choose your 40 favorite images.

** You will choose your favorite image to be printed in a beautiful 16x20 canvas to display in your home.