I am blessed to have been a photographer for

over 30 years capturing images of beauty.


Now my life has been called into a totally different direction. I still love photography and always will. But being a energy healer and bringing love and light into the world is probably the most amazing thing I have ever done.

I didn't see it coming but when God calls you to shine you really can't say no lol.

I'm blessed to have a studio to do healing sessions.

~Earthing & Sound Experience~

 When I learned what it means to ground

and that sound healing is a real thing.

Everything changed for me. I already knew everything is made of energy

and has a vibrational frequency.

What I didn't know was the health benefits to tapping into these healing modalities.

Now that I do all I want to do is share them

with the world.

~Chakra Alignments &

Biofield Harmonizing~

You have 7 main energy centers in

your body.  Because of life circumstances 

your energy gets scattered and out of

whack, leaving you feeling drained, depressed, frustrated and unable to focus.

With the use of tuning forks, crystal singing bowls and light therapy we are able to get rid of the negative energy and realign the positive energy leaving you feeling more centered and grounded.

I know you will feel better & love it!

~Goddess Experience~

There is nothing better that to allow your inner Goddess to come out to play.

No better place to allow that to happen than in nature.

Its even more fun when Fairies show up to play! 

Life is to short!

Let's Experience it together!