I am blessed to have been a photographer for

over 30 years capturing images of beauty.


Now I'm blessed to spend my time creating Nature Experiences for you!

~Earthing & Sound Experience~

 When I learned what it means to ground

and that sound healing is a real thing.

Everything changed for me. I already knew everything is made of energy

and has a vibrational frequency.

What I didn't know was the health benefits to tapping into these healing modalities.

Now that I do all I want to do is share them

with the world.

~Chakra Alignments & Biofield Harmonizing~

You have 7 main energy centers in

your body.  Because of life circumstances 

that energy gets a little scattered.

With the use of tuning forks we are able to pull that energy back into alignment for a more centered and grounded feeling.

I'm so excited to share

I know you will love it!

~Goddess Experience~

It really lights me up to be in nature with you capturing your inner essence and beauty.

Its even more fun when Fairies show up to play! 

~Sacred Art Experience~

There are times when its to cold or

to hot to do Earthing or Goddess Shots.

So creating Art is a wonderful way

to stay connected to our creative side,

our inner child and have some fun! 

Life is to short!

Let's Experience it together!